Tell Cumulus Media that the Bay Area Deserves Quality Local Radio

KGO-AM, a venerable Bay Area institution, is known for its charismatic delivery of home-grown, local news and programming. In 2011, the station was purchased by Cumulus Media. Although Cumulus bills KGO as the “Bay Area’s News and Information Station,” it wants to be able to use content on the air produced by outside non-local subcontractors. But we know that when local events are unfolding, we need trusted voices on the air who have a true connection to our community.

Dedicated and talented reporters, anchors, hosts, board operators and producers at KGO-AM love their jobs, love the Bay Area, and love connecting to the community through radio. Cumulus employees deserve a fair contract that protects local jobs and respects employees and listeners alike. The Bay Area deserves to have access to quality local radio.

Tell Cumulus that one size does not fit all. Tell Cumulus that by using the public airways the company has an obligation to provide relevant local news and programming. Please support local radio by signing our petition below.

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